Ceramic sublimation coasters, cork backing included, single side printing, ceramic coaster for drinks, custom picture or logo ceramic coasters.

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Ceramic sublimation coasters 

Lone Star Sublimation is happy to share our high-quality sublimation embellishment blanks with our community of artisans and fabricators!

These sublimation blanks are a great personalized gift to give your loved ones.

These Ceramic coasters are made to sublimate on one sided. They coasters come with a cork backing included.

They are bright white in color which will show off your designs beautifully. It is important to mention that the result depends solely and exclusively on your sublimation inks and the settings at the time of printing. From our personal experience, they rarely break compared to others we have used before.



Available designs


Round 4 inch and square 3.93 x 3.93 inch.


Ceramic, cork


1/4 inch


400 ° Fahrenheit


180 seconds


light, face up


Bright white



  1. Set your images a little bigger than your coaster size, you can make your own template.
  2. Print your image with your sublimation printer, using sublimation ink and in mirror mode.
  3.  Securing your image to the Coaster  face up and sublimating.
  4. Light  pressure is recommended.
  5. Once you find the right pressure, use the suggested time and temperature, 400° Fahrenheit for 180 seconds is recommended. If you want to press multiple coasters add an additional 30 seconds for each additional ornament. However, this is just a reference parameter, the settings may vary depending on your heat press.
  6. Cover the ceramic coaster with another white paper (butcher paper) and then press. 
  7. Sublimation is completed, remove the sublimation paper very carefully because the coaster is hot, put the cork and its ready! 

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