Chocolate favor blister- Sublimation cardstock - 10pz

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Chocolate Favor Sublimation Blister


  • Sublimation Cardstock (Only Cardstock)
  • Extra Heavy weight
  • Size: 7.45"H x 2"W aprox.
  • 10 pc.
  • 20 pt / 0.5 mm (200LB)
  • Perfect for individual Ferrero Rocher chocolate
  • For use with a Heat Press


Product Instructions:

Heat Press:

Temperature: 400°F
Time: 60 Seconds
Pressure: Medium / High

  • Print image in mirror mode, on your regular sublimation paper.
  • Place transfer on top, and secure with thermal tape.
    • Press using specified settings above.
  • Remove paper immediately.


    • NOTE: These are recommended parameters, but each heat press is different, so we recommend testing on sample material before final work.



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