Subliflex Thermo adhesive sublimation fabric - Instructions- Cotton Sublimation

Subliflex Thermo adhesive sublimation fabric - Instructions- Cotton Sublimation

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Thermo-adhesive Sublimation Fabric



Subliflex Thermo-adhesive sublimation fabric has a soft feel, stretches well, creates vibrant colors, does not produce heat, lasts up to 200 washes and is super easy to apply! It can be cut manually with scissors or using the cutting machine of your choice, either leaving an outline or making it to the size of the design.


  • Matte Finish, Stretch, Flexible, 0.8 mm, for use with a Heat Press, for cutting by hand, or with a cutting plotter of your choice.
  • Sublimation thermo-adhesive 100% polyester fabric, ideal for adding a sublimated image to T-shirts of any color and material, 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly Cotton Blends, denim and more, as well as ceramics, metals, wood, paper, cardboard and more. Your creativity is the limit!

Application Directions:

  1. Print your design on sublimation paper, using mirror mode.
  2. Remove any possible lint from the Subliflex fabric and place the printout facing it; use heat tape to prevent displacement.
  3. Place on heat press using butcher paper on top. This will prevent bleeding on your heat press; temperature settings can vary from 325°F to 410°F and between 60 - 90 seconds
  4. Once the Subliflex fabric has been sublimated, proceed to cut your design with scissors. ( or cut the silhouette first on your plotter and then sublimate, no mirror)
  5. Using your heat press, remove wrinkles from your garment, mark its center, and remove any lint.
  6. Remove the protective back paper from the Subliflex fabric and center it on your garment. Make sure you place white butcher paper between the fabric and your heat press to prevent bleeding. Heat press on high pressure at 325°F – 410°F for 35 – 45 seconds.
  7. Remove the butcher paper and stretch the garment to make sure your design has been perfectly adhered to it. If necessary, press for another 15 – 20 seconds.
  8. Your garment is now ready to be worn!




Suggest cutting setting:



Cricut Maker

Silhouette Cameo 3

Silhouette Cameo 4

·   Wait 24 hours before first wash

·   Machine wash warm with mild detergent

·   Dry a normal setting

·   If necessary, you can iron the garment


·   Rotary blade and cloth mat

·  Fabric option, polyester, bonded

·  Default pressure

·  Place the fabric side up and the backing paper glued to the mat

·             Cloth blade

·              Parameter 6

·              Pressure 28

·              Speed 3-4


·       Rotary blade

·       Parameter 6

·       Pressure 28

·       Speed 3-4



YouTube chanel for video tutorials

Disclaimer: Both the temperature and the cutting parameters are suggested, it is necessary to carry out tests before making the final project.

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This is not a physical product, nothing is sent by mail, they are only the instructions for the sublimation and adhered process of the thermo-adhesive sublimation fabric in textiles.

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