Sublimation Cardstock 12'' x 12'' 5 Pack 20 PT (200 LB) 5 pcs.

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Sublimation Cardstock


  • Sublimation Cardstock
  • 5 Pack
  • Size: 12"H x 12"W
  • 20 pt / 0.5 mm (200 LB)
  • Perfect for creating dry erased boards, folders, bookmarks, memo pads, boxes, puzzles, etc.
  • For use with a Heat Press
  • For cutting by hand, or with a cutting plotter of your choice.

Product Instructions:

Heat Press:

Temperature: 400°F
Time: 45 Seconds
Pressure: Medium / High

  • Print image in reverse, on your regular sublimation paper.
  • Pre-press for 5 seconds, let cool.
  • Place transfer on top, and secure with thermal tape.
  • Press using specified settings above.
    •  NOTE: These are recommended parameters, but each heat press is different, so we recommend testing on sample material before final work.
  • Remove paper immediately.

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