Sublimation Ceramic Ornament Blanks, Round 2.78 in for sublimation, double side.

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Round Sublimation Ceramic Ornament Blanks

Lone Star Sublimation is happy to share our high-quality sublimation embellishment blanks with our community of artisans and fabricators!

These sublimation blanks are a great personalized gift to give your loved ones.

These ceramic spheres are made to sublimate double-sided. They measure just under 3 inches and come with a gold cord that is approximately 8 inches each.

They are bright white in color which will show off your designs beautifully. It is important to mention that the result depends solely and exclusively on your sublimation inks and the settings at the time of printing. From our personal experience, they rarely break compared to others we have used before.




2.78 inch approximately


2.78 inch approximately




400 degrees Fahrenheit


180 seconds




Bright white



  1. Set your images slightly larger than the size of your ceramic sphere. (3in).

        2. Print your image with your sublimation printer, using sublimation ink and in mirror mode.

  1. Attach each piece to the ornament with heat tape or spray adhesive.
  1. A heat resistant pad is recommended to properly press the ceramic trim and gently flatten ceramic substrates. Padding can prevent materials from cracking when under pressure.
  1. Do a paper pressure test to find the proper pressure or try it with a ceramic trim blank. Medium pressure is recommended.
  1. Once you find the right pressure, use the pressing time and temperature, 400g Fahrenheit for 180 seconds is recommended. If you want to press multiple ornaments, add an additional 30 seconds for each additional ornament. However, this is just a reference value, the settings may vary depending on your heat press.
  1. Once the heat press reaches the temperature setting, tape the prepared ceramic ornament with the sublimation paper side up.
  1. Cover the ceramic ornament with another white paper and then press. If you felt that it is larger than the bottom plate of the heat press, be sure to place the trims where the heating element touches the pad.
  1. Sublimation of one side is completed, remove the sublimation paper very carefully because the ceramic ornament are extremely hot, and start again to sublimate the second side.

You can watch the following video tutorial: 

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